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About Superkasinot

(their words) is a dedicated affiliate website serving online casino enthusiasts in Finland. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive, transparent, and reliable information about the best online casinos available to Finnish players.

We understand the unique tastes and requirements of the Finnish gaming community. Therefore, we focus on comparing and reviewing online casinos based on key factors such as game variety, bonus offerings, security measures, customer service, and user experience, with a particular emphasis on those that cater to Finnish preferences and regulations.

Our mission at is to simplify the process of selecting an online casino, providing our users with the knowledge and insights necessary to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. We help our users navigate the vibrant world of online casinos and choose the best platform according to their needs.

Join us at, your trusted partner in the Finnish online casino landscape. Dive into the exciting world of online gaming with, where we combine the thrill of the game with the charm of Finnish culture.

Experience the best of online casinos in Finland with – your reliable guide in the digital world of gaming. With us, you’re not just playing; you’re part of a community!